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george lucas is a weenie

i really enjoyed star wars 3, in spite of the obvious, and i do mean obvious, oversights. speaking from the perspective of a woman who has been pregnant in the past - you cannot be carrying a baby (or two) in your womb making your naval the size of a basketball one minute and be running with an almost flat stomach the next while you're still pregnant. it doesn't work that way. that was a minor oversight, that was slightly irritating, but not surprising.

the surprising and completely irritating oversight that states what we all have known for years - that lucas is indeed a weenie - is killing off padme immediately after she gives birth to the twins - as, in the 6th movie, luke asks his sister leia, "do you remember your real mother?", and she answers yes, leia has impressions of her real mother, that she was beautiful and very sad. in other words, padme was supposed to give birth to the twins, dump luke at his aunt & uncle's, and flee with leia to senator organa's, before she died a few YEARS later...
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