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can someone please explain to me why everyone asks how old you are?
i went to buy stamps at the post office and the woman behind the desk, when i mentioned my husband didn't like what he considers "girly" stamps, stared at me and informed me that i couldn't possibly be married, as i wasn't old enough. then, she proceeded to ask my age, and not believe me when i told her.
at a playdate last week, the children are playing, and the other mom & i sit down at the kitchen table, where the first question out of her mouth is, "how old are you?"
somehow, when people find out i'm married, and then *gasp* have a child, they are prompted to ask my age.
what's next?
do they get to guess at my height & weight too?

i've been in this realm before - it was in grad school in texas when everyone would walk up to me and ask if my hair color was real - maybe they don't have redheads in texas, i don't know - i just got thoroughly tired of answering the question...

we are so trained to answer questions that people ask, even if it's none of their

so, how old am i?
why do you ask?
well, you look too young to be married with a child...
oh, why thank you...
*walks away*
no, really, how old are you?
i just turned 96 - i look good for my age, don't you think... ;)
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